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As a child, Kai, the founder and product designer, had a very curious sense of smell. She recalls gathering flowers, drying, and squishing these in her hands to bring out its aroma.

Before, this was just a passion project. However, now it has become an expressive brand of handcrafted and aromatic wellness products known as Katha Aromatics.

Kai is now married and living in the Southern part of the Philippines. The couple found it difficult to find all natural products for the skin and hair. As a family, they have experience certain skin conditions and skin allergies.

Customer Reviews

I've been using the clarifying shampoo bar made of 90% VCO and Castor oil for almost 3 weeks now...and i love it! my hair didn't get dry, and for someone who has a skin condition, this is a must! no itchy feeling! and the best part is that -- we are reducing the use of plastic bottle containers or even sachet use...thank you Katha Aromatics!
I love the shop’s idea of going zero waste. Their soap bars are without packaging and shampoos are in bar form to totally eliminate plastic packaging! To add, all product ingredients are natural! Indeed, zero waste!
There’s no harm in trying, esp. when it’s organic! The Katha luxury soaps are my thing now. My personal favorites (at the moment) are the triple coffee (exfoliate) and glutamansi soap (brightening). I think they’re a good combination for those who have dry skin (like me). ❤️ You should give it a try as well 😉

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