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As a child, Kai, the founder and product designer, had a very curious sense of smell. She recalls gathering flowers, drying, and squishing these in her hands to bring out its aroma.

Before, this was just a passion project. However, now it has become an expressive brand of handcrafted and aromatic wellness products known as Katha Aromatics.

Kai is now married and living in the Southern part of the Philippines. The couple found it difficult to find all natural products for the skin and hair. As a family, they have experience certain skin conditions and skin allergies.

Optimistic to resolve their search, the couple started to make a relaxing Pillow Mist. It is a blend of minty essential oils, with lavender and chamomile, to aid their sleep. The mist helps them sleep especially when nasal congestion and insomnia strikes.  

They also crafted massage oils (Radiance, Recovery, Detoxify). The product also entices the sensory by helping bodies recover when they travel to and from two cities. The body oils also provide warmth to aching bodies after a long day’s work.

In the midst of going all natural, they have also aspired for a zero-waste lifestyle and be more socially active in minimizing Katha Aromatics’ environmental impact.

This paved the way for the creation of Katha luxury soaps. From avoiding plastics and packaging, it has become a journey to better skin while also helping people with skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema and dermatitis.

Lately, the couple has been into surfing, and have found the need to blend a healing balm. The balm expedites muscle recovery and lessen soreness.

Katha is not just a story of handcrafted products, but also the evolving lifestyles of a young family who loves nature and seeks to preserve it for the next generation.

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