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Bar Shampoo – 5 Questions Answered

We love to answer questions about all-natural products. As much as possible, we want to help you transition from use chemical-based products to all-natural products easily and we hope this can help you on one of the biggest steps you can make that benefits you and the environment. 

Why is there a Transition Period in Using Shampoo Bar?

There are a lot of answers on how to use a bar shampoo. Also, you should give your hair two weeks to adjust to the product. 

It is uncommon to have weird or funny feeling during your first few days of using shampoo bar. The transition period is often affected by the damage on your hair and the build of chemicals. 

Don’t panic if you feel that your hair or scalp begins to dry oil become oil. Remember that these are two extreme products, so your hair will have to drastically adjust. 

However, don’t give up easily! All of these will go away and the “bottled shampoo withdrawal” phase will eventually pass. 

Does the Bar Lather?

Yes, it will lather because it still has a shampoo formula just in a bar. Rub the bar on your scalp a few times and then massage it on your scalp and hair to lather. 

Can I Use it in My Colored Hair?

Another advantage of using a shampoo bar is that you can definitely use it on your colored hair. However, make sure to ask your store to suggest a shampoo bar that’s perfect for colored or treated hair. 

Does the Product Build Up?

All-natural shampoo bar does not build up. However, we suggest that you remove the chemical build-up on your hair first before using a bar shampoo. 

You can do this by clarifying your hair with baking soda or you can also wash it with apple cider. 

How to Choose the Right Shampoo Bar?

We highly recommend to use a shampoo bar that best suits your hair. Share your hair worries and your concerns to your local producer and hear their suggestions out, you can start here – help me choose my shampoo bar

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