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Why buy all natural products?

The all natural products movement is gaining its popularity among consumers. With this on hand, we, at Katha Aromatics would like to help you start your all-natural journey, even beginning a zero-waste lifestyle, with our products.

Minimize the chemicals you apply in your body by switching all-natural products in Butuan City. Check out our line for skin, hair, and even linen products. 

Minimize the chemicals you apply in your body with all-natural products now. Check out our line for skin, hair, and even linen products. 

Remember, start with small steps. Check the labels of your purchase. Start consuming local brands. 

If you’re still unsure of switching from regular shampoo to bar shampoo, then maybe you can start using organic soap. Remember, there’s always an option for everyone.

All natural products and goodness just for you.

Because you asked for it, you can now get Katha Aromatics all-natural goodness in our partner store. We understand that not everyone can access organic products that easy. Therefore, we have partnered with different distributors and stores for you to get your organic goodness.

First of all, considering that Katha Aromatics is based in Mindanao, specifically Cagayan de Oro City, we want to our loyal customers in Luzon to access our products. Above all, we also want to reach new clients who want to experience the goodness of Katha Aromatics.

On the other hand, one of our goals is to help the environment. As a result, our hand-crafted products are made from all-natural. Also, we do our best to we source the majority of our ingredients from the local producers to create a meaningful chain among producers and consumers.

Again, if you are Butuan, you can visit our partners to check out our products. We ensure that the products we sell, such as bar shampoo, pillow mist, relief balm, massage oils, and other organic and hand-crafted personal care items.

So, what are you waiting for? Get our all natural products and shop now!


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