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Pillow Mist - Better Sleep


Pillow Mist – Better Sleep



Net Weight: 100 mL

What You Get: 1 Pillow Mist Spray

Ingredients: Lavander and Chamomile


Better Sleep Pillow Mist All Natural Product

Better Sleep Pillow Mist is one of the best hand-crafted brands in the market.

It’s not a secret that sleep has become a luxury because of all of life’s demands. Therefore, working moms, people on-the-go, workaholics, you deserve to rest and relax at the end of your busy day.

This contains pure essential oils that will calm and soothe your worries and stress away, even decongest if you have allergies. Just spray on your pillows and wake up the next day refreshed.

  • Made from all-natural products.
  • Made from lavender and chamomile.
  • Aromatherapy to help your breath deeply while sleeping.

Get this all-natural pillow mist which is a blend of essential oils to help you drift into la la land. Specially made for insomniacs and for those who need to relax and calm down those anxious thoughts. With this product, quality sleep is just a few sprays away. 


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