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Shampoo Bar - Lavender and Chamomile


Shampoo Bar – Lavender and Chamomile



Net Weight: 135 Grams

What You Get: 1 Shampoo Bar

Ingredients: Rosemary and Eucalyptus


Shampoo Bar – Lavender and Chamomile – All Natual Shampoo

A gentle and all natural shampoo bar to restore your hair’s balance and bring out its natural lustre. Moreover, this product aims to help you maintain your crown and ensure that you have a healthy scalp, too!

Nonetheless, this hair product isn’t perfect. You may feel tangly during your first use. First time users may also feel notice that their hair may become greasy or dry. But just like anything in life, give yourself and your hair the time to adjust, at least two weeks.

  • Ingredients include virgin coco oil, sunflower oil, castor oil, extra virgin olive oil, homemade yogurt, rice water, essential oils of rosemary, lavender, and chamomile.
  • Made from all natural products.
  • No chemicals added, no parabens, no surfactants, and no fragrance oils.

Get a chemical-free shampoo now. Switch from regular shampoo to a bar shampoo now. Enjoy an all-natural product while minimizing your waste, shop now!


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