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All-Natural Relief Balm – The Best Travel Buddy

Traveling, may it be daily transportation to and from work or to your dream vacation, is not always an easy road. The smell of public transit, mosquito bites, headache, or cold weather are some issues we face when traveling. So, what’s the best solution? Find a travel buddy that can help ease the pain of moving, and that’s an all-natural relief balm.

What is an All-Natural Relief Balm?

An all-natural relief balm is made from all-natural products include coco oil, menthol, essential oils, and beeswax. It is safe for kids and adults. However, those with allergies and other skin diseases must communicate with their physicians to check if it is safe for them to use the balm. Learn more about the product here.

Menthol Relief Balm for Commuters

One of the reasons why we love mentholated balms is that it can quell nausea when traveling. The aroma of mint is one of the go-to smells when people feel nauseated during a long drive a bus trip.

Some doesn’t only smell the balm. You can also apply a thin layer under your nose to have a stronger smell of the menthol.

Moreover, traffic can also cause a headache when community. A handy and easy-to-open menthol relief balm will help relieve headache.

Bring It on Your Vacation

Our most common vacation destinations always include water, may it be the sea, waterfalls, or lakes. We still love getting wet during our trips.
Therefore, it’s best to be prepared for what comes next after every experience. Always carry a menthol relief balm with you anywhere, anytime. Here are some ways a menthol balm can come in handy:

Helps with Mosquito or Insect Bites

Mosquito bites are common in the Philippines. So, fight the itch by applying a menthol balm on the area. Make sure not to scratch the area you’ve been bitten. Then, apply the balm to relieve the itch.

Relieve Joint Pain

Applying menthol balm on your joint pain can increase the blood flow in the area. According to a Scandinavian Journal, massaging joints with menthol balm increase the blood flow in the skin and muscle that helps relieve pain. 

If you feel joint pain because of the cold, the study also recommends applying menthol balm on your joints. It increases the heat on the skin, which, in turn, increase skin temperature to help relieve pain. 

Use it with Caution

Just like anything else, make sure to use mentholated relief balms with caution. Do not apply more than what your skin can handle. You may experience contact dermatitis if you apply too much of the product on your skin.

Also, do not ingest the balm. Note that the majority of the menthol relief balm products in the market have camphor. Swallowing camphor may result in pain, rapid pulse, or even unconsciousness.

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