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Top 5 Uses of All Natural Mentholated Balm

The best thing that we love about pain-relief creams and balms are the smell of the products. The menthol in these products is soothing and familiar which, for many of us, is nostalgic. 

These topical pain relievers are often, including creams, ointments, and oils, are often the preferred choice. It is the case, especially if you are a person who is hesitant to pop pain relievers. 

So, what are the specifics use of an all-natural mentholated balm?


Majority of those who workout, especially those who live, uses the mentholated balm to deal with joint and muscle pain. However, it’s recommended to use the lotion purposely.

Check with your physician if the pain is recurring. Make sure that the pain relief balm isn’t masking an injury to avoid further damage.

After Surfing

Surfing requires you to take care of yourself, especially if you are surfing in a secluded spot. With this on hand, aside from your first aid kit, don’t forget to bring your mentholated balm.

Rescue your sore muscle. Apply just enough muscle pain relief balm on the area. However, make sure to wash the area with tap water first to remove the salt.

Arthritis, Back, and Joint Pain

There are mentholated balms and odor-free balms that help ease arthritis pain. First, follow the direction of the package. Also, wash your hands and the area before application. Lastly, if you’re unsure of using the product, don’t hesitate to ask your doctor.

The mentholated balm can also ease joint pain. Similarly, apply a reasonable amount of the ointment on your joints and other muscles. Make sure to clean your hands and the area before application.

Mentholated Balm as Decongestant

The menthol in the balm acts as a decongestant. It helps unclog the nose and eventually enables you to breathe better. Moreover, don’t use an ointment for children two years old and below.

Insect Bits

Relieve the symptoms of insect bites by applying mentholated balm on the area. Apply a thin layer on the bitten area. The balm will feel cool, which helps in minimizing the itch and pain.

Get a mentholated balm for every member of your family now. You can also get one for your friends and other loved ones. Don’t hesitate to share the benefits of the balm to everyone.  

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