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What is a Recovery Mentholated Balm?

Imagine this, you were six years old and lying in bed. You’re not feeling well. You call for your mom or dad and tell them you feel warm, and you have a stuffy nose. So, your mom goes out to get something, she opens it, and you smell menthol. Your mom then rubs something on your chest and your back – a mentholated balm.

I know the majority of us can relate to the scenario. Now, it’s time for us to take care of ourselves or extend the same attention to our loved ones.

However, before anything else, let’s start from the beginning. Let’s answer a recurring question we all have been asking since we were young; what is a mentholated balm?

What is a Mentholated Balm?

A mentholated balm is a topical medication. Apply the ointment on the skin area to relieve pain which includes back or joint pain. It cools the skin at first application, and you then feel a warm sensation a few seconds after.

How to Use a Mentholated Balm?

Apply the balm on the skin only. Do not apply it on or near the eyes, genitals, mouth, and nose. Flush these areas with water if you accidentally used it on these areas.

Make sure to wash your hands after every application. Also, wash your hands properly before inserting your contact lenses.

When to Use a Mentholated Balm?

As stated, apply the balm your skin only. Do not use on or near the areas of the eyes, genitals, nose, and mouth. 

Apply a thin layer on the affected area of the skin where you feel muscle pain. Do not apply the balm on irritated skin, e.g., skin with cut, scrape, or sunburn.

Why Choose an All-Natural Mentholated Balm?

First, the majority of the ingredients of these products, such as the mentholated balm, is sourced locally. Therefore, purchasing this type of product is also helpful to the environment. 

Moreover, choose an all-natural mentholated balm for you and your family to avoid skin irritation. It is more gentle to the skin and with less or no side-effects at all. 

So, get your all-natural mentholated balm now. Don’t forget to share and show you care to your loved ones. 

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